Witch~Lits is jam-packed with Pagan fun designed for families. The activities and articles will help explore Pagan spirituality in an exciting and engaging way. Together you will bond with your family all year long as you observe natural cycles, including the holidays, and enjoy activities that expand everyone’s thinking on each issues topic.

Our mission is to provide educational and spiritual knowledge for Pagan families.  We believe in providing fun nature-based activities, games, recipes and more to encourage families to come together in faith.  Witch~Lits is a way to share the beauty of the Wheel of the Year and Nature with our children.

Listening to our community and seeing a need we created this magazine with the whole family in mind.  We decided to organize it in a fun and engaging way, with one topic for the family to focus on. Each volume also includes the holidays for the upcoming season. Our goal is to build a community of Pagan families who can share their experiences, learn with each other, and raise the next generation with a sense of community and belonging.

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The Winter Mailing is almost here!

The next issue is all about the magick of the Story and how to write your own.  This is a great issue for homeschoolers with articles like the 5 W’s of Writing helping to get the creativity flowing and organizing a great story.  We are also very excited about the extras this season, each subscriber will receive their own blank book to create a story that will last a lifetime.  The Winter Issue also includes activities and crafting for the Winter Solstice and Midwinter, helping you get ready for all the decorating with your own ornaments and charms.  

Spring sprung and the first Spring Volume has arrived in homes across the US… 

Thank you to all the wonderful families who have joined our community and ordered a subscription!

The Summer heat has come and gone and the Summer Issue went out with a thankful splash!

Autumn fell upon us with a busy time of honoring nature and our ancestors,

the last issue went out full of activities for this anticipated time of Year!  


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