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Apple Wood Kids

A parents and kids group building an orchard of connections.  The goal is to create local youth groups for you and your kids.

Connecting the Community 

Find permalinks to Pagan blogs, organizations and services.

Shop Pagan

Support Pagan business owners, artists and events.  We provide a place via FB for people to network bringing consumers and entrepreneur together.  We also highlight a Pagan Owned businesses, artists, and events throughout all of our social media providing free advertising to help you grow your reach.  To participate Contact us, or email  Include your name, business/event name, email, web address and/or any online locations, and a brief description.

You can also share your business and find deals from around the world in Shop Pagan: Business Owners, Artists & Events

Clergy Services

Our services are offered online and in real life in Northern and Front Range Colorado, as well as in the Brevard County Florida area. Not all services are offered in all areas, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

***Notice: NONE of our services are sexual – in any way!  None of our clergies offer any  sexual services of the kind!   Please do not contact us with any such requests.***

Spiritual Counselling

            From time to time we all need someone to talk to without the fear of judgment or persecution.  Our clergy is available to provide you with support and guidance. Our clergy is an unbiased ear in a hard time. This is guidance without the presumption of change and someone to talk to openly and honestly. Our clergy will help you find your truths through open communication.


Spiritual Community

            When you’re on a  spiritual path there are millions of questions and often it can be hard to find the answers.  Sometimes it would be nice to have somewhere  to ask the  questions.  As a community  we offer our support.  People and clergy are available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and share experiences.  Join us on social media through Facebook, google+, and Pinterest.


Building a Foundation with AppleU

           If you’re interested in a more hands-on learning experience, we will match you with one of our clergy; one whose path is most closely related to yours. This clergy member will help you outline your goals and create a personalized plan to begin your new spiritual journey.  Your clergyman will contribute to providing guidance on:

  • The use of herbs and stones
  • Spell and Ritual from creation to completion
  • Astrological and Astronomical knowledge
  • The Divine and how to connect with them
  • & more determined by what interests you.


           In Addition to this individual work, participants are given unique access to a year-long course designed by our Clergy, give or take a day.  Through these customized lessons, and regular meetings you will have assistance as you find your unique spiritual path.   Click HERE to learn more

~$29 mo     

~333/year+ 1 day     

Unions & Commitment Ceremonies

           When you’ve found that perfect someone all you want is the right service that fits the two of you exactly.  Connect with one of our clergy and create the exact ceremony you want.  From a simple “I will love you Forever” to an elegantly scripted ceremony, we can help you have the ceremony that is exactly what you want.

           We will meet with you in advance and make sure all the ceremonial details are worked out.  We then help organize the ceremony with a rehearsal prior to the big day.  Finally, and most importantly, we preside over the ceremony and help out where we can throughout the day.

Pre-written Simple ceremony

Includes a consultation meeting, phone/online confirmation meetings, rehearsal, and the Ceremony.


Your Personal Ceremony

Includes consultation meeting, three ceremony planning meetings, rehearsal, and the Ceremony.


Themed or Comprehensive Ceremony

Includes two consultation meeting, three ceremony planning meetings, two rehearsals, a day of organizing, and the Ceremony.


Cleansing and Banishings

           When you move into a new space or find the energy is not quite right our clergy can come to you for a cleansing, or guide you step-by-step through one.  We are also available to help you understand the purpose of a banishing and what you need to do to carry one out.


Paganings and Rites of Passage

           There are many times of celebration throughout your life.  The obvious are new arrivals, life-changing transformations, and death; however, these are just the beginning.  Our clergy can help you throughout the entire process and ensure you have the specific ritual or ceremony you are looking for.


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           One of our members will analyze your name, birth, and destiny numbers.  These can help you better understand these natural influences and the effect on your life path. We will discuss the results with you and are available to answer your questions.

~ $10     

Card readings

           When you’re looking for information that is a little more specific, a card reading can provide clarification.  Contact us to arrange a time to chat with one of our experienced members to get the answers you seek.

 We currently have members that work with the fairy and Goddess oracle cards.

~ $10 for 20 minutes     

Classical Astrology

           Your astrology is more than just your Sun sign it is an entire solar system’s worth of influence.  Understanding your natal chart can give you great insight into the energy present at the moment of your birth, which influences you for a lifetime.

           For those who are familiar with astrology or are motivated to understand for him/herself, we offer a credible source for your complete natal chart.  This is a starting point to better understand your astrological self. This can be an excellent spiritual quest for everyone and we encourage anyone who is called to accept this challenge.



Candle Magick – or – Charm bag

            Meet with one of our members to create the perfect spell.   We provide all the tools needed, put everything together, and detailed instructions for you to carry out the magick yourself.  There is no more powerful magick then that which you create yourself.  Even the newest novice can find success with the right guidance.

           When spells are done in person, we can help you charge and complete the spell.  When done online our clergy will work with you to set up the spell, mail it to you, and be available if you have any questions when it comes time to carry out the spell.

           We give the utmost care to our spells and yours. The herbs used are collected by our clergy under the appropriate astrological influences or less often ordered from a reliable sustainable source. The bags and candles are handmade by our members and created for the specific intent of magick. We will suggest words and will work with you to create your perfect spell.

**This is done within the limits of our Clergy members ethical standard and we reserve the right to decline spell proposals.**

~$10 (+ shipping and handling)     

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If there is something specific that you are looking for and can’t find, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We would love the opportunity to help you find just what you seek. Your questions also help us to better serve the Pagan Community and provide exactly what is needed.