We, Hesperides Garden, have dedicated ourselves to connecting people and building a Pagan community of learning, sharing, teaching, and supporting. We believe that each person’s spiritual path is unique, we encourage and support people as they build theirs.


Our goal is to encourage the development of a spiritual community.

To do this we will:

Guide people through their spiritual growth

Provide a diverse range of services, resources, and opportunities

Provide new community connections for beginning practitioners

Supporting Pagans in all the complexities of life including but by no means limited to parenting, networking, and balance

We dedicate ourselves to being available to the Pagan community, to provide guidance, knowledge and the support for each individual on their unique paths.

           Forming a “learning and teaching” coven is a unique concept. The goal is to have the roles of teacher and student be interchangeable.  New ideas are presented as often as our members have things to add. Compiled on this website are articles and data that we’ve collecting. We continue to seek out more information on a wider array of topics, and we’re inviting anyone to join us and add their beliefs and ideas to our community.


Our Beginnings


           Our coven started with three members, each of us looking for teachers, and a community we could fit into. We discovered that every group of practitioners had rules and regulations for new members to conform to, and only senior most members had any kind of voice or weight in the group. This is not what we wanted. In time we found each other, and began working together, utilizing unique skill-sets and beliefs to create an open, working coven with very few rules. We set about establishing a “learning and teaching” environment that honors individual beliefs and ideas, and maintains an air of trust and respect between members.

The last 13 years have not always been easy but they have created some of the most rewording experiences.  We are grateful for the opportunities we have been presented with and can’t wait to see what the Universe holds next.