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Reflecting on Love under the Dark Moon

July 12, 2018
7:47 PM PST
8:47 PM MST
10:47 PM EST
July 13, 2018
3:47 AM UTC
10:47 AM AWST
12:47 PM AEDT


           The July Dark Moon comes with the energy of Cancer. The fire of the Summer sun heats even the nights, and the cool reflective energy of Cancer is very welcomed. Altogether this energy creates an environment for reflecting on your love life and relationships.

           For this activity, you will need a dark bowl or black mirror, a candle, some incense, and a quiet place to set up and reflect.


           An example: Close your eyes and see the dark Seaside. Step into the water, it is warm like a fresh bath, soothing your aches and pains, washing away your worries and everyday fears. With every deep breath, the waves gently wash away every distracting thought. With every exhale your energy is connected to Mother Earth’s energy.

Cast Circle

           An example: Using your finger, touch it to the ground where you want your circle walking clockwise around your space. Visualize the warm dark womb of the Mother Goddess. As you touch the ground this energy radiates from the earth and you, creating a safe Dark Circle protected by the Goddess.

           Set up by filling the bowl with water, lighting the candle, and placing the two close together so that the light is reflected in the water. If you are using a dark mirror no need for the water, just set up the mirror next to your candle.

           Clear your mind, leaving only the darkness. Listen as the distractions come, acknowledge them, and let them drift away into the darkness.  Your mind is clear and ready for divination. 

           Using your pointer finger trace a heart in the water or across the mirror’s surface. Focus on the darkness; see the reflection of the candle. Watch the light dance back and forth like the passion of your heart. Take the time to allow the images to come to you. Do not force it, do not assume, simply relax your vision, look into the darkness and see what the Crone of the Dark Cancer Moon has to show you.

           Once you are done journal everything you saw, felt, heard, and experienced. Write down everything. After completing your journal entry say thank you to the darkness and the energies of the Crone and Cancer. Use the candle to walk the circle backward and open the circle. Snuff the candle and clean up.

           If this is your first time using a dark scrying mirror do not be discouraged if you don’t see something. Just relax and use this is a learning activity. Trust your intuition and your feelings. When you start this form of divination it is more about your feelings than what you literally see.


Blessed Reflections on this Dark Night

Hesperides Garden


Herbs used to increase divination: Sage, Cedar, Frankincense, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Mugwort

Herbs associated with love: Roses, Lavender, Violet, and Marigold



Planning in the Dark with Capricorn

January 16, 2018
6:17 PM PST
7:17 PM MST
9:17 PM EST
January 17, 2018
2:17 AM UTC
10:17 AM AWST
1:17 PM AEDT

           CapricornThe Dark Moon in Capricorn is a valuable time to get organized. As this is the New Year it is a wonderful time to reflect on what you want to accomplish in the year ahead.  Sit down with everything you need to make a good list.  It is noteworthy to mention, there are some who would say magickally you put in much more energy if you put a pen to paper, however this is not true for everyone and not necessary for all work.  We are modern people in world full of technology, it is only natural for our magickal practice to innovatively grow.  

           You can make a checklist, set of goals, an outline, step-by-step need to do, or whatever works for you with the intent being to make an achievable plan to be successful in your goals.  You can use a dark bowl full of water for a little self-reflection to help you prioritize, and Capricorn’s diligent nature will help make sure you do not leave anything out.

To use the reflecting pool, ground and clear your mind in your usual way.  

           An example:  Get comfortable and close your eyes.  Focus on your breathing and allow the flow to become steady and rhythmic.  Visualize yourself sitting on the banks of a dark shoreline.  The water is steady, slightly warm, and inviting.  Stand with your toes in the water and feel the Earth’s energy flowing like the water.  Focus on the beating of your heart and the steady rhythmic flow of your breath.  Feel your rhythm begin to harmonize with that of the water, breeze, and other sounds of nature you hear in the darkness.  Your energy becomes one with the energy of the earth.  Any thoughts that may be cluttering your mind can be tossed into the water to float away with the tide until your mind is clear of day-to-day thoughts.  

Make your list


           When it is time to answer a question.  Light a candle, or a few, or have the lights on so you can get a reflection.  Hold the bowl in your hands relaxing your gaze on the water.  See your reflection in the water and focus on your questions.  Some people will see an answer, some may hear or perceive, but really this is more about your feelings and intuition.  The water is a focal point for your mind to keep you from getting distracted on other thoughts.  Listen to your intuition and don’t force it or try to literally see something in the water.  Everyone will perceive this type of divination differently, with practice you will be able to hear your intuition more effectively.  Also, don’t second guess yourself.  The first answer is the right answer.

           Place the list somewhere prominent so you can see it regularly.  When you complete something make sure you mark it off, so you can see your progress.



 Happy Planning!

Hesperides Garden