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Crafting with the Full Super Moon in Leo

January 31, 2018

Modern Blue Moon

5:26 AM PST  

6:26 AM MST  

8:26 AM EST  

1:26 PM UTC  

9:26 PM AWST

February 1, 2018

12:26 AM AEDT


           The Full Moon in Leo brings with it an energy that is expressive, inspiring, creative, and often considered childlike. It is also a proud energy bringing the attributes of the Lion.  This Super Moon in Leo, and for some of Modern Blue Moon, is a great time to tap into this creative energy and make something magickal.  

           With Imbolc right around the corner this is a great time to make candles for your holiday celebration.  You can also make a Brigid’s cross to be blessed by Brigid’s visit on Imbolc– Or any other magical crafting project you would like to start. Imbolc is a great time for new beginnings and if you’re looking to try something new and get crafty this is a great Moon to do it under.

To make candles

           All you need is some wax, wick, a double boiler, tape, some popsicle sticks, and paper cups.  Putting the wax in the top of the double boiler melt it over boiling water.  If you would like you can add some herbs to your melted wax or essential oils. Make sure your carrier oil has a high flash point so that it does not cause a fire hazard.  While your wax is melting get your cups ready by poking a hole on the bottom and threading the wick through taping it to seal the hole and secure the wick.  Attach the other end of the wick to the popsicle stick so that the popsicle stick rests on the top of the cup.  Carefully pour the melted wax into the cup making sure the popsicle stick stays centered so that your wick will be in the middle of the candle.  Allow the wax to cool completely so that it is hard and then remove the cup and cut off the excess wick from the popsicle stick side.  Your candles are ready to be used.  To add extra magical intent, while you were making the candles make sure you focus your energy on the purpose in which you are creating the candles for.

A Brigid’s cross

           Traditionally Brigid crosses were made out of grass or hay but they can also be made of pipe cleaners or ribbon with wire in it. You will need at least 13 pieces of whichever item you choose to make your cross. To begin fold the first piece of grass in half and hook it over one piece creating a 90 degree angle. You will continue your cross by adding new pieces each folded in half working in a clockwise circle adding each new piece at 90° to the last.


           Place your Brigid’s cross on your altar to be blessed by Brigid on her visit and afterwards it can be placed above your bed, door, or any other place in your house where you may want a little extra blessings.  


Enjoy getting crafty under this Full Super Moon

Hesperides Garden


Love Reflections with the SuperMoon

January 1, 2018
6:24 PM PST 
7:24 PM MST 
9:24 PM EST
January 2, 2018
2:24 AM UTC 
10:24 AM AWST 
1:24 PM AEDT
In Cancer


           The Full Moon in Cancer brings a nurturing motherly energy that is full of love and care. This Full Moon is perfect for magick of self-healing, and love.  This is great for the New Year’s Moon because there is no better New Year’s resolution then to love and honor yourself.  

           Tonight, sit under the Full Moon with a large bowl of water. This is your reflection pool, it not only reflects the light of the Moon but also shows a reflection of yourself. Use a dark-colored or silver bowl for the best results. As you gaze into the water see all the good that you have to offer. Allow the light of this Full Moon to highlight your positive attributes and strengths.

           As you begin ground, clear your mind, and state your intention to the energies.  Remember that this is a reflection on the positive, a time for nurturing and encouraging the love for yourself building your self-esteem.  Even in our darkest times there is always something positive and these are the things we need to hold on to as we set off on this new year. Take your time thinking about each aspect of your life and the positive energy flowing from that energy center. You can add rose petals, rose water, or other herbs to further your reflection on the love you have for yourself. When your done gazing, pour the water on the earth as a gift of gratitude to the Gods who love you!   


Sending love, blessing, and positive encouragement on this Full Moon!

Hesperides Garden


Welcoming the Fairies and Kindred Spirits into Your Home


Super Moon in Gemini 

December 3rd, 2017

7:46 a.m. PST

8:48 a.m. MST

10:46 a.m. EST

3:48 p.m. UTC

December 4th, 2017

2:46 a.m. AEDT


           For this last Full Moon before the official start of winter, let the fairies and their kindred spirits know they are welcome in your home. One of the best ways to do this is to set up a welcoming altar. This is a small space that is decorated with shiny objects and other items that you know to be adored by the spirit you are trying to welcome. You can bring the Gnomes from your garden inside and add them to the altar. You can add objects that you’ve collected from nature to help them feel at home.  The Yule tree, wreaths, and fireplace decorations can also double as this fairy altar.

An example:

Fairy Altar

“Fairies, gnomes, elves, and more

I welcome you and open my door

Here you shall find sanctuary

And through this winter be warm and merry!”

           You can also use this Full Moon to charge an item that works as a beacon letting the local fairies know they are welcome.  These nature spirits love the Yule Tree and an ornament works really well for this. The tree itself works as a place that they can reside through the winter and feel right at home.  

           Choose an ornament (preferably one that is shiny) and find somewhere to sit quietly under the Full Moon.  

Clear your mind and ground in your usual way

           An example: Close your eyes and see a winter landscape. The Earth is quiet and there is no movement about. The dark sky is full of stars each ready to accept your thoughts, helping you to clear your mind. Count the stars giving each one the thoughts that pop into your head until there are no more thoughts. Walk out into the snowy landscape finding a tree to rest upon. Lay your head back and relax taking deep breaths.  You are at peace and warm under a blanket of snow becoming one with the Earth and her grounding energy.

           Cupping the ornament hold it in the light of the Moon.  Watch as it absorbs the Moonlight and the energy of the Mother Goddess. Focus your own energy as a white light coming out of your hands and surrounding the ornament. Feel the warmth in your hands as the ornament fills with this welcoming energy. Now State your purpose.  This can be as simple as saying, “Allow this ornament to be a beacon welcoming fairies into my home for the winter.” It should be direct, and specifically include who you are welcoming.

Place the ornament back on the tree with intent in a place of honor.

           Now a word to the wise when welcoming the fairies into your home. They are mischievous little creatures and they love shiny objects as well as cookies and other sweet treats you may have about. You may find from time to time that jewelry, push pins, and other shiny objects may disappear, but no worries the fairies will return, most of the time.  This is one of the mischievous game the fairies play.  They can also be helpful when you’re looking for something, and also as protectors of your home. You can leave out offerings to encourage their helpfulness.  They like fresh fruit, milk, honey, and shiny items.

           At the end of the day make sure to place your fairy offerings outside or somewhere in nature and not leave them on your offering plate to sour or rot. Somewhere where you feed the birds is great for any fruits and houseplants or outdoor plants love a little bit of watered down milk.


Enjoy the company of the fairies and many blessings in this Yuletide season!

Hesperides Garden