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Planning in the Dark with Capricorn

January 16, 2018
6:17 PM PST
7:17 PM MST
9:17 PM EST
January 17, 2018
2:17 AM UTC
10:17 AM AWST
1:17 PM AEDT

           CapricornThe Dark Moon in Capricorn is a valuable time to get organized. As this is the New Year it is a wonderful time to reflect on what you want to accomplish in the year ahead.  Sit down with everything you need to make a good list.  It is noteworthy to mention, there are some who would say magickally you put in much more energy if you put a pen to paper, however this is not true for everyone and not necessary for all work.  We are modern people in world full of technology, it is only natural for our magickal practice to innovatively grow.  

           You can make a checklist, set of goals, an outline, step-by-step need to do, or whatever works for you with the intent being to make an achievable plan to be successful in your goals.  You can use a dark bowl full of water for a little self-reflection to help you prioritize, and Capricorn’s diligent nature will help make sure you do not leave anything out.

To use the reflecting pool, ground and clear your mind in your usual way.  

           An example:  Get comfortable and close your eyes.  Focus on your breathing and allow the flow to become steady and rhythmic.  Visualize yourself sitting on the banks of a dark shoreline.  The water is steady, slightly warm, and inviting.  Stand with your toes in the water and feel the Earth’s energy flowing like the water.  Focus on the beating of your heart and the steady rhythmic flow of your breath.  Feel your rhythm begin to harmonize with that of the water, breeze, and other sounds of nature you hear in the darkness.  Your energy becomes one with the energy of the earth.  Any thoughts that may be cluttering your mind can be tossed into the water to float away with the tide until your mind is clear of day-to-day thoughts.  

Make your list


           When it is time to answer a question.  Light a candle, or a few, or have the lights on so you can get a reflection.  Hold the bowl in your hands relaxing your gaze on the water.  See your reflection in the water and focus on your questions.  Some people will see an answer, some may hear or perceive, but really this is more about your feelings and intuition.  The water is a focal point for your mind to keep you from getting distracted on other thoughts.  Listen to your intuition and don’t force it or try to literally see something in the water.  Everyone will perceive this type of divination differently, with practice you will be able to hear your intuition more effectively.  Also, don’t second guess yourself.  The first answer is the right answer.

           Place the list somewhere prominent so you can see it regularly.  When you complete something make sure you mark it off, so you can see your progress.



 Happy Planning!

Hesperides Garden

Love Reflections with the SuperMoon

January 1, 2018
6:24 PM PST 
7:24 PM MST 
9:24 PM EST
January 2, 2018
2:24 AM UTC 
10:24 AM AWST 
1:24 PM AEDT
In Cancer


           The Full Moon in Cancer brings a nurturing motherly energy that is full of love and care. This Full Moon is perfect for magick of self-healing, and love.  This is great for the New Year’s Moon because there is no better New Year’s resolution then to love and honor yourself.  

           Tonight, sit under the Full Moon with a large bowl of water. This is your reflection pool, it not only reflects the light of the Moon but also shows a reflection of yourself. Use a dark-colored or silver bowl for the best results. As you gaze into the water see all the good that you have to offer. Allow the light of this Full Moon to highlight your positive attributes and strengths.

           As you begin ground, clear your mind, and state your intention to the energies.  Remember that this is a reflection on the positive, a time for nurturing and encouraging the love for yourself building your self-esteem.  Even in our darkest times there is always something positive and these are the things we need to hold on to as we set off on this new year. Take your time thinking about each aspect of your life and the positive energy flowing from that energy center. You can add rose petals, rose water, or other herbs to further your reflection on the love you have for yourself. When your done gazing, pour the water on the earth as a gift of gratitude to the Gods who love you!   


Sending love, blessing, and positive encouragement on this Full Moon!

Hesperides Garden


Dark Moon in the Darkest time

December 17th, 2017
10:30 p.m. PST
11:31 p.m. MST
December 18th, 2017
1:30 a.m. EST
6:31 a.m. UTC
5:30 p.m. AEDT

           The Dark Moon during this dark time is a night of introspection and stillness.  We challenge you to sit in the dark tonight and be comfortable with yourself in that space.  You do not have to do anything but sit in the stillness of this night’s energy. 

           For those who want to take it a step forward, this Dark Moon is ideal for an introspective meditation to use all the information you have been discovering since Samhain. 

Want to do some introspective journeying?  Join our Facebook Event and catch up on all the Questions

           Do not let fear and doubt blur your inward journey.  You must be receptive to the wisdom presented by the Crone during this time.  She is honest and sometimes more forthcoming then we would like to hear, however she comes to you with great wisdom and you should heed her words. 

           This is also a time when seeing your own darkness is easiest.  This also should not be approached with fear or doubt.  You must have faith in yourself and understand that there are two sides to every coin; your darkness is a natural and essential part of you. 

           We live in a world where for most the darkness has been cast in a shadow of mistrust and demonization.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The Darkness is where the divine mother bestows her eternal love.  It is where the Dark Gods share their prosperity and joy.  It is a place to meet with the Crone and Sage, to share in their wisdom.  The Darkness is the womb of divine rebirth and a place for us all to seek shelter to restore and rejuvenate.  Your own darkness is the womb of your subconscious.  It is a place where you can truly get to know yourself and plant seeds of change and sprout new growth. 

           When beginning your work in your own darkness you must let go of the assumptions of the societal norm and open your mind and heart to the nurturing dark energy.  Do not plant seeds of fear by making this journey before you are ready.  And as always if you would like a little more guidance we are here to help. 


Blessed Be


Welcoming the Fairies and Kindred Spirits into Your Home


Super Moon in Gemini 

December 3rd, 2017

7:46 a.m. PST

8:48 a.m. MST

10:46 a.m. EST

3:48 p.m. UTC

December 4th, 2017

2:46 a.m. AEDT


           For this last Full Moon before the official start of winter, let the fairies and their kindred spirits know they are welcome in your home. One of the best ways to do this is to set up a welcoming altar. This is a small space that is decorated with shiny objects and other items that you know to be adored by the spirit you are trying to welcome. You can bring the Gnomes from your garden inside and add them to the altar. You can add objects that you’ve collected from nature to help them feel at home.  The Yule tree, wreaths, and fireplace decorations can also double as this fairy altar.

An example:

Fairy Altar

“Fairies, gnomes, elves, and more

I welcome you and open my door

Here you shall find sanctuary

And through this winter be warm and merry!”

           You can also use this Full Moon to charge an item that works as a beacon letting the local fairies know they are welcome.  These nature spirits love the Yule Tree and an ornament works really well for this. The tree itself works as a place that they can reside through the winter and feel right at home.  

           Choose an ornament (preferably one that is shiny) and find somewhere to sit quietly under the Full Moon.  

Clear your mind and ground in your usual way

           An example: Close your eyes and see a winter landscape. The Earth is quiet and there is no movement about. The dark sky is full of stars each ready to accept your thoughts, helping you to clear your mind. Count the stars giving each one the thoughts that pop into your head until there are no more thoughts. Walk out into the snowy landscape finding a tree to rest upon. Lay your head back and relax taking deep breaths.  You are at peace and warm under a blanket of snow becoming one with the Earth and her grounding energy.

           Cupping the ornament hold it in the light of the Moon.  Watch as it absorbs the Moonlight and the energy of the Mother Goddess. Focus your own energy as a white light coming out of your hands and surrounding the ornament. Feel the warmth in your hands as the ornament fills with this welcoming energy. Now State your purpose.  This can be as simple as saying, “Allow this ornament to be a beacon welcoming fairies into my home for the winter.” It should be direct, and specifically include who you are welcoming.

Place the ornament back on the tree with intent in a place of honor.

           Now a word to the wise when welcoming the fairies into your home. They are mischievous little creatures and they love shiny objects as well as cookies and other sweet treats you may have about. You may find from time to time that jewelry, push pins, and other shiny objects may disappear, but no worries the fairies will return, most of the time.  This is one of the mischievous game the fairies play.  They can also be helpful when you’re looking for something, and also as protectors of your home. You can leave out offerings to encourage their helpfulness.  They like fresh fruit, milk, honey, and shiny items.

           At the end of the day make sure to place your fairy offerings outside or somewhere in nature and not leave them on your offering plate to sour or rot. Somewhere where you feed the birds is great for any fruits and houseplants or outdoor plants love a little bit of watered down milk.


Enjoy the company of the fairies and many blessings in this Yuletide season!

Hesperides Garden

Dark Moon in Scorpio

            The Dark Moon today falls under the sign of Scorpio.  This is a wonderful time to turn inward and explore your hearts desires. We often get caught up in life’s day to day tasks and forget about our dreams.  The Dark Moon creates a safe place deep in the womb of the Goddess where you are free to explore. 

           Ground, clear your mind, and find your internal happy place.  Once you are there allow your visions to flow from the heart.  Make sure you are comfortable and can spend some time here and hear all your inner self has to say.  Scorpio will help you see the truth lifting the veil transcending you to higher states of consciousness.    


           Make sure you journal everything you saw while on your vision.  Often the most important messages will come in abstract form, and will not be obvious until you have time to think about them more.  

Blessings on your Jouney


Pulling Down the Moon

A Ritual to bond with the Moon’s Energy

              One of the most common magical activities practiced with the moon is “Pulling Down the Moon”. In this activity you share your energy with the divine Goddess, and fill yourself with her energy.  This activity is typically done under the full moon, but really it can be done under any moon. The maiden energy is strongest as the moon grows, the mother’s energy is while it’s full, and the crone energy begins as the Moon grows ever smaller.

The activity itself is quite simple. It is letting go and allowing the energy of the Goddess to fill you that is more difficult. The next time you are in search of some energy from the goddess step outside in the moonlight and look up to her. As you see her focus on the rays of light coming off of the moon.  Adjust your focus from looking at the moon to looking at the light emitting.  These rays will grow and shrink as you focus; the more you focus the further the rays of light will be visible, and the goal is to bring a ray of light all the way down to yourself. This sounds very difficult, but really it’s about perception.  The Moon’s energy is always falling down to us, it is actually recognizing it and consciously being aware that it is there.

Once you have seen the rays of light come down to you try to hold them there as long as possible. As you do take a deep breath taking in the energy; envision your body filling with the beautiful blue light and feel the warmth of her embrace. When you have filled yourself completely say thank you, maybe with a curtsy, a kiss, a bow; but be gracious for the great energy that the goddess has bestowed upon you.

As mentioned above the different aspects of the Goddess come threw at different times.  The Full Moon is always the strongest and also the easiest to pull down.  However if you’re looking for a little more wisdom the crone energy is more appropriate with the waning moon. If you’re looking for a more youthful blessing the Maiden Moon comes during the waxing moon and can help connect you with that inner child. Whenever you are looking for a little empowerment the Goddess is always there for you.

Blessed be