The winter solstice may be the longest night of the year and filled with Darkness, but it is a celebration to welcome the sun’s return. Divine rebirth is a common theme and now is when we honor and call to the sun’s energy.

In this family ritual, we will toast to the Sun and welcome back the masculine energy.

You will need:

  • a gold candle
  • apple juice
  • nice cups for toasting
  • a candle holder
Gather as a family and cast Circle.

An example: have everyone hold hands while walking in a clockwise Circle and humming a merry tune.

Call to the elements

An example:

welcome growing Earth

welcome blowing Wind

welcome warming Fire

welcome flowing Water

State your purpose. Now, this can be short sweet and to the point or it can be an elegant home honoring the God, Goddess and Divine Rebirth.


Tis the season of cold dark nights

The Gods rebirth brings back the lights

Let us welcome back the Sun

Sharing the joy with everyone!

If you cannot find a gold candle a yellow or white one will also work
Light the candle.

Pass a glass to everyone, and two extra for the Goddess and God. Raise your glasses placing the extras next to the candle and say your toast. Just as before this should fit you, your family, and the occasion.


The old year passes on this night

What is done fades in this new light

The New Year comes with a divine spark

Inspiring and guiding as we set off to make our mark

We raise our glasses up to thee

And give thanks with a glee  

Raise your glasses, make sure to tap them and drink to the Divine. This is a great start or end for your Winter Solstice celebrations.

Many blessings this Winter Solstice!


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