The Dark Moon today falls under the sign of Scorpio.  This is a wonderful time to turn inward and explore your hearts desires. We often get caught up in life’s day to day tasks and forget about our dreams.  The Dark Moon creates a safe place deep in the womb of the Goddess where you are free to explore. 

           Ground, clear your mind, and find your internal happy place.  Once you are there allow your visions to flow from the heart.  Make sure you are comfortable and can spend some time here and hear all your inner self has to say.  Scorpio will help you see the truth lifting the veil transcending you to higher states of consciousness.    


           Make sure you journal everything you saw while on your vision.  Often the most important messages will come in abstract form, and will not be obvious until you have time to think about them more.  

Blessings on your Jouney


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