A Ritual to bond with the Moon’s Energy

              One of the most common magical activities practiced with the moon is “Pulling Down the Moon”. In this activity you share your energy with the divine Goddess, and fill yourself with her energy.  This activity is typically done under the full moon, but really it can be done under any moon. The maiden energy is strongest as the moon grows, the mother’s energy is while it’s full, and the crone energy begins as the Moon grows ever smaller.

The activity itself is quite simple. It is letting go and allowing the energy of the Goddess to fill you that is more difficult. The next time you are in search of some energy from the goddess step outside in the moonlight and look up to her. As you see her focus on the rays of light coming off of the moon.  Adjust your focus from looking at the moon to looking at the light emitting.  These rays will grow and shrink as you focus; the more you focus the further the rays of light will be visible, and the goal is to bring a ray of light all the way down to yourself. This sounds very difficult, but really it’s about perception.  The Moon’s energy is always falling down to us, it is actually recognizing it and consciously being aware that it is there.

Once you have seen the rays of light come down to you try to hold them there as long as possible. As you do take a deep breath taking in the energy; envision your body filling with the beautiful blue light and feel the warmth of her embrace. When you have filled yourself completely say thank you, maybe with a curtsy, a kiss, a bow; but be gracious for the great energy that the goddess has bestowed upon you.

As mentioned above the different aspects of the Goddess come threw at different times.  The Full Moon is always the strongest and also the easiest to pull down.  However if you’re looking for a little more wisdom the crone energy is more appropriate with the waning moon. If you’re looking for a more youthful blessing the Maiden Moon comes during the waxing moon and can help connect you with that inner child. Whenever you are looking for a little empowerment the Goddess is always there for you.

Blessed be



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