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When the Goddess does not come neither does Spring. Discover the story of Lepus and a friendship born from sadness yet has endured the test of time. 

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Lupercalia Roman Festival
Lupercalia Roman Festival
Feb 15 all-day
Romans honored the God Faunus of the forests. Priests walked through the streets with strips of goatskin lashing people Purifying them and ensuring their fertility.
Venus & Neptune sextile Equirria Festival
Venus & Neptune sextile Equirria Festival
Feb 17 all-day
Equirria were horse races were held to honor the God Mars 
Mercury & Jupiter square Caristia Roman Festival
Mercury & Jupiter square Caristia Roman Festival
Feb 22 all-day
The Caristia Festival was a time when families gathered in the home for a big feast giving thanks for each other. Even though this was not a state holiday it was a time when deities[...]
Sun and Mars sextile Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
Sun and Mars sextile Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
Feb 27 all-day
Mercury will be seen in the western sky just after sunset low in the sky

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