Getting Involved


           As we begin the season of giving we reach out to the Pagan Community to extend a giving hand to a child in need.  Purchase a toy that encourages children to learn about nature through reading or exploration.  Find your local Toys 4 Tots donation box on December 3rd {The Full Moon 😉 } and share a picture of yourself donating with the #nature4tots.  

Your gift reflects the charitable nature of Pagans. We appreciate your participation!


Witch ~ Lits

Bringing magickal literature to parents and children around the world!

           Written to appeal to ages 4-12 including hands on activities, lessons on the natural world through science and exploration, stories, and quiet activities brought to you quarterly.  

           Your quarterly publication includes topics on the upcoming solstice and equinox, and a theme that is interactive for both parents and kids.  





Apple U

Join the growing community of students and teachers dedicated to sharing Pagan knowledge!

           Through our Building a Foundation program you create a unique learning path working one-on-one with a mentor who will work alongside you on a learning path created to build a strong foundation for your spiritual path.

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Shop Pagan

           We are helping Pagans network and connect consumers with business, artist, events, and organizations all with Pagan roots.  We help promote Pagan business, art and events by highlighting their work on all of our social media.   



           Join the Facebook Group shop pagan: business owners, artists & eventsHere you can Shop Pagan by checking out what everyone is offering, and asking the group for something specific.  You can also share your work and begin networking.  


Your Donations Help us Contintue Supporting You!