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Summer 2018

Creating a lifetime of traditions

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This quarterly periodical brings magick and knowledge to your home with fun interactive articles that encourage both learning and experiencing nature and all she has to offer.    

Designed for the whole family and Packed full of hands on activities!     

With your subscription, you receive four quarterly issues, a special birthday book for your child, and access to exclusive online content adding to what you get in the mail.  

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           We are helping Pagans network and connect consumers with businesses, artists, events, and organizations all with Pagan roots.  We help promote Pagan business, art, and events by highlighting their work on all of our social media.   

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Join the growing community of students and teachers dedicated to sharing Pagan knowledge!

           Through our Building a Foundation program you create a unique learning path working one-on-one with a mentor who will work alongside you on a learning path created to build a strong foundation for your spiritual path.

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Introspective Journey
Introspective Journey @ Hesperides Facebook Events
Nov 1 – Dec 20 all-day
Introspective Journey @ Hesperides Facebook Events
As the Late Harvest passes we enter into the Darkest part of the year. The Gods energy passes into the Darkness in order to be reborn and the Goddess withdraws to store energy for labor. [...]
Mercury Retrograde enters Scorpio
New Moon
New Moon
Dec 8 all-day
Busy 9:30 pm
Dec 8 @ 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm


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